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Auction rules/Format.

1. Please post your auction to the community following the format below.
2. Please place large size photos behind a LJ cut
3. When bidding on an item please reply to the first bidder so they know they have been outbid. 
4. Ensure you auction has a clear end date/time.
5. To pay for your item please paypal dr_is_in at tribereddragon@gmail.com . Remember to select "gift"  so that paypal doesn't eat up a chunk of it. Please include your name/user name so we know who has donated. As well as forward a copy of the paypal receipt to the person who donated the item so they know that you paid. 

If you do not have a paypal and would still like to bid let us know, we'll be able to work something out.

If you do not have an LJ and would like to donate an item for auction please comment here with the details and your contact info (all comments are screened) and one of the mods will post the item for you. 

Donated by:
Minimum bid:
Auction End Date:

Thank you all very much for helping. Hopefully we can raise the $1000 asap!!! Direct Donations can be made at any time to: tribereddragon@gmail.com. 

Any question please comment here as well

Welcome to the community.

 Hi everyone welcome to the community. Thank you for stopping in to help dr_is_in  (Tami). 

On Monday November 8th Tami husband Bill lost his long battle with Kidney Disease. Although he's been sick for a long period of time his death was rather sudden and the family was not expecting it.

This community was created as a place to hold a benefit auction to help raise money for the funeral. (Obituary is here)

The costs of the funeral are about $5000. Medicare pays for about $1900. Donations + help from family means that Tami still needs about $1000 to pay for the funeral.

She had 90 days to come up with the remaining costs before the funeral home will inter her husband's ash's at their discretion.

If you would like to make a direct donation her paypal is: tribereddragon@gmail.com

We're also looking for donations for the auction. Will be posting rules/format soon. Please re-post re-post re-post!!! Donations needed! Please spread the word!


Bill's Obituary

 The link to Bill's Obituary is here along with the guest book: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/pressconnects/obituary.aspx?n=william-h-brown&pid=146529614

The text is under cut

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